Blast from the Past: MTE Turbochargers VW Golf IV R32 to 790HP

The VW Golf R32 IV may be an old model but there's no shortage of tuners willing to step up to the challenge and mod the hot hatch like there's no tomorrow. The latest tuning proposal for the Golf R32 IV comes via German specialist MTE in the military-theme wrapped R32 BiTurbo2.

The stock R32's 3.2-liter V6 makes 241bhp and 320Nm / 236 lb-ft, but thanks to a series of modifications including -but not limited to- a pair of Garrett turbochargers with intercoolers, a custom exhaust system, recalibrated ECU, new pistons and cylinder heads, output has been lifted to 790HP and 1,200Nm / 885 lb-ft. That's 50HP more than MTE's previous Golf R32 IV BiTurbo1.

Thanks to these modifications, the tuner claims that the BiTurbo2 now runs the quarter mile in 10,7 seconds at 216km/h or 134mph.

The car also gets a revised transmission as well as new suspension bits and a high-performance braking system, while it rides on 18-inch wheels shod in semi-slick tires.