Street Legal Batmobile Replica from Tim Burton Films found for Sale [with Videos]

Perhaps the second best-known Batmobile after George Barris' iconic 1966 Lincoln Futura conversion from the Batman TV series is the Anton Furst Batmobile from Tim Burton's 1989 Batman and 1992 Batman Returns films. We found a rather convincing replica of that car for sale on eBay.

Not only is this example of the 1990s Batmobile nice-looking, it's also street legal - at least in the State of Ohio where the seller is based. The Bat-winged replica was built by a company named "Putsch Racing" and it makes use of a tube frame chassis with a Corvette drive-train and an independent suspension.

It comes equipped with a canopy that opens and is fitted with various gizmos including retractable machine guns that fire blanks. Hit the jump for more photos and videos of the car in motion.

Link: eBay



eBay Seller's Description:

"Built by Putsch Racing, this is the best driving 1989 Batmobile replica ever built. This car was built as a personal engineering exercise and will not be duplicated. Aside from the many gadgets the car utilizes a tube frame chassis with Corvette drive-train and independent suspension. The car is registered for the street in Ohio. Since completion of the build, the car has driven approximately 3000 miles completely trouble free. The car has covered miles in town, as well as on the highway at speed. Admittedly, I did get caught in the rain twice while on the highway. Despite the frustration from having to clean the car up, the experience was no big ordeal. The car has even towed (yes, it towed) a Toyota Formula Atlantic car to the races and acted as pit support, providing AC power and compressed air for power tools and laptop computer support of the race car. The car is completely stable at 80 mph and I have tested it up to 120 mph. Yes, you can even hustle it through turns as one exotic car club can attest to when I drove it on the tour with a pack of mostly Ferraris and Lamborghinis. I even drove it to Kroger while grocery shopping one evening.

The vast majority of Batmobiles, either replica or real, have one thing in common. They are not very drivable. This car very much is. I am aware of three worthwhile driving replicas of this particular Batmobile. One is in Stockholm, one is in England, and then this car. The English car looks to leave much to be desired and cost upwards of 150k Pounds Sterling to build. The car in Stockholm was reputed to cost far more money and over 3 years to build. I am unaware of the quality of build of that car's chassis. I do know that the owner of the Stockhom car does drive it some, but I have never seen any replica at speed or on the highway other than my own. Aside from these three cars most of the replicas I am aware of are built on stretched Caprice or Impala chassis and make use of plywood extensively. Despite the static nature of these builds, you can expect to pay $100-120k and wait the better part of a year for at minimum. The cars that have sold at auction in the last couple years are also of this build direction where drivability was a low priority. Being a race car driver and racing car restorer, I would not accept a car that wasn't as drivable as any sports or exotic car. I mean, what good is this cool of a car that you can't drive where ever you like?

That being said, let me list the goodies on this car. Electroluminescent blueprints, digital display, full air ride suspension, police/military/weather scanner, P-51 Mustang gun sight, Remote operated automatic canopy, retractable firing Browning .30 caliber machine guns (modified with no receiver they fire blanks on clean oxygen and propane), independent suspension, 4 wheel vented disc brakes, on-board A/C current, B-17 bomber light switch cluster, compressor and air tank, freight train horn, hidden trailer hitch, trailer brake control, PA system and siren, Stereo system, CD/DVD player, IPOD interface, Visible and infra red light cameras for rear visibility on a color high definition monitor, tilt steering wheel, power seats, and cruise control.

Despite the car's larger proportions, I do not find it difficult to drive in traffic and it weighs in at a reasonable 3540 lbs, minus driver. I have even parallel parked it in downtown Columbus, Ohio on the first try. Its wheelbase and turning radius is comparable to a truck. The driving experience is likable to a very large Corvette with a cockpit like at GTP or LeMans car. Unusual, but certainly not bad. Naturally, the car has working lights, horn, and turn signals. It cools well even in rush hour summer traffic with its big aluminum radiator and transmission cooler. You can also choose to drive the car with the canopy locked in the open position for an instant convertible at speeds under 60 mph. As for its towing ability, I towed approximately 3200lbs with it when I took my Formula Atlantic car racing. I feel the suspension can handle up to 4500lbs for driving longer distances or more if used locally or in a parade. The hitch and frame is rather sophisticated and could handle much more, but I didn't want to sacrifice performance.

I will be more than happy to talk the car over with prospective buyers and help them with understanding the car and its systems. Despite the car's relatively sophisticated systems, it is quite simple and should be able to be maintained by almost any competent mechanic at low cost. I built the car with different engine combinations in mind, so it is possible to install either a small or big block V-8, a Viper V-10, or even an Allison or Boeing turbo shaft engine as which I had originally intended before settling on the Corvette V-8 for its drivability and tractability for towing my race car with.

The car has a clear Ohio title and I am happy to help coordinate shipping for you so that it arrives safely. I will consider interesting part and full trades (exotics, vintage race, full classics, motorcycles, projects) although will give priority to an outright cash deal.

Nothing will ever show you up when you drive this and it is your invitation to anywhere. Surprisingly the police have a great attitude and sense of humor with the car as well. Lastly, if you drive it to the club, the most appropriate phrase would be "like shooting fish in a barrel", but then not really, because that implies it takes some effort on your part. ;) Whatever you do with the car, you will have the time of your life."