Aston Martin's Low-iQ Cygnet Caught on the Streets of Düsseldorf

If we had to give a prize for the most ridiculous new car of 2010, it would go hands down to Aston Martin's Cygnet luxury mini. The British firm's pint-size model is nothing more than a Toyota iQ (Scion iQ in North America) decorated with fancy-pansy wraps - something like those silly replicas we show you from time to time with an even sillier price tag.

The Cygnet won't go on sale before early 2011, but apparently, Aston Martin has already began shipping cars in Europe, most likely for use by the firm's dealers, though this particular example may have been used by a company exec. This here left-hand drive example with British license plates was spotted by a forum member of Autogespot on the roads of Düsseldorf, which is the capital city of the German state of North Rhine-Westphalia. For more photos of the Cygnet, follow the break.

Source: Autogespot