Awesom-o Alert: Tim Burton, Your Bicycle is Ready

As a car lover, I regard the bicycle the same way a steak eater may regard tofu: I’m okay with it if that’s your thing, just keep it the heck away from me. However, sculptor and bespoke builder Josh Hadar may change my attitude to bicycles. You see, his bikes aren’t the sort of things ridden by tight buttocked men in spandex suits: these are works of art, pure and simple.

Hadar builds all of his bikes to order from his Manhattan studio and individually tailors them to the buyer’s body. Sort of like an Armani suit, except made of steel. Each bike purportedly costs between US$12,000 and US$35,000 and can take up to three months to make.

I think the one pictured above is my favorite. It’s called Eric’s Teardrop and it's nickel clad rolled steel with hand-spun aluminium wheels. Oh and that glass bit in the middle? That’s the fuel tank for the 80cc engine, and is made by hand, just like everything else.

You think Josh would make me a wireframe Bugatti Veyron?

By Tristan Hankins

Link: Hadarmetaldesign