Nostalgic Styling Take on 2015 Volkswagen Transporter

Even though the current day Volkswagen Transporter is a descendant of the famous Beetle-derived Type 2 vans, it has never managed to enjoy the same level of popularity among enthusiasts as its predecessors did. One of the reasons why the past two generations of the Transporter (T4 and T5) never caught on as much as VW would have liked, could be that their styling is completely forgettable.

Eduardo Oliveira, a Brazilian designer who you may remember from the 2012 New Beetle study, has come up with a retro styled proposal to fix this issue for the Transporter's successor. Presented here in a variety of models, the conceptual Transporter is inspired by the famous T1 and T2 VW vans. Granted, the renderings need some polishing up but the idea is there. Hit the break for the full photo gallery.

Source / Designer: Eduardo Oliveira