Vorsteiner Releases VRS Aero Package for the BMW X6 M [with VIDEO]

Following a teaser announcement back in March, German tuning specialist Vorsteiner has launched its new VRS Aero Package for the BMW X6 M crossover. Trying to improve the X6 M's appereance ain't an easy task, though Vorsteiner seems to have pulled this one off with its new kit.

At the front, the Germans opted for a carbon fiber front spoiler, which increases downforce on the front axle while also channeling more air towards the engine and brakes. The new hood is also made from the same lightweight material and features vents that extract the heat produced by the stock 555 hp twin-turbocharged V8.

A carbon fiber diffuser replacing the plastic factory piece dominates the rear, encompassing three modular fins and two vents. The latter cool the exhaust system.

An add-on rear deck lid spoiler and forged mono-block aluminum alloys, shod in Michelin PS2 tires, complete the package. If potential customers don’t like the rims showcased on the SUV, they need not worry, as Vorsteiner has a wide variety of wheels they can choose from.

By Csaba Daradics