WaterCar Gator: An Amphibious VW Beetle-Based Jeep Lookalike for the Budget Minded

In October ’09 we brought you details and pictures of WaterCar’s US$200,000 Python: a Corvette-engined sea going convertible / roadable speed boat. It wasn’t pretty and it wasn’t cheap, but some child-like part of us was enthralled with the sheer absurdity of it. Well, if you're on a tight(er) budget, the company also offers a considerably cheaper model. The Gator is essentially a kit car, albeit an impressive looking one at that.

Inspired by the Myers Manx of the 1960s (and looking like a Jeep Wrangler), the US$29,500 Gator comes with a complete fibreglass body, gear box and transmission, water jet propulsion unit, high torque drive axles, front and rear suspension parts, head lights, steering assembly and various stainless steel parts.

All an enterprising buyer has to do is bolt in the chassis and engine from a Volkswagen Beetle and e viola; you have your very own amphibious automobile. Though one has to wonder: does this make the Python, which costs almost ten times as much, redundant?

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By Tristan Hankins

Link: Watercar

What is included in the kit:

1. WaterCar Fiberglass Body and Hull Assembly

2. WaterCar Patented Gear Box and Transmission Assembly

3. Rear Water Jet Propulsion Unit

2. Hood

3. Doors

4. Deck Lid

5. All Various Stainless Hinges and Door Latches

5. Windshield

6. Left and Right High Torque Drive Axles

7. Front and Rear Suspension Components

8. Head Light Assemblies

9. Steering Assembly (Both water and road)

10. Stainless Steel Hardware

PRICE FOR KIT: $29,500.00