Volkswagen Service Personnel make use of Virtual X-Ray Vision Tech

At some point, every child would like to be a superhero with X-ray vision. Adults too, though they would use the ability for very different purposes... Until now, only a select few, like TSA personnel, have had the opportunity to see what’s it like to have superhuman vision.

Volkswagen is changing this by introducing the “Augmented Reality” technology designed to offer its service personnel a virtual X-ray-like view of the car. According to the automaker, employees will make use of this technology to improve their training and knowledge of the cars.

“Augmented Reality” utilizes a video-based positioning software to determine the position of the image projector and viewer in relation to the studied vehicle. That means that computer-generated details can be projected with extreme precision onto the car’s body, thus giving the onlooker the opportunity to study what’s under the sheetmetal without ever opening the bonnet.

“Three-dimensional design data is projected onto the surfaces of a production vehicle, in the correct position and in perspective even from different viewing angles. This creates a kind of 'virtual x-ray vision' for the viewer, which enables them to see otherwise hidden components and structures inside the vehicle” explained Prof. Jürgen Leohold, Head of Volkswagen Group Research.

The system also allows for individual components or component designations to be placed over or, if necessary, to project other prepared animations onto the vehicle.

This technology was first used on the Touareg Hybrid, shown in the gallery below, during training sessions for importer instructors and for service training on the new Sharan as well.

The new tgechnology was developed in-house by Volkswagen Group Research and Volkswagen Service Academy and its use is going to be extended in the near future for international training, vehicle development, production planning and even marketing.

By Csaba Daradics