Bodacious Moke for all the Hodaddies* in the Hood

As originally envisioned, the Mini Moke was supposed to be a home-grown Willys Jeep for the British Army. As finally built, the Moke lacked the ground clearance and ruggedness to be of much use to the British army, but made waves as a low cost, easy to maintain beach buggy for the world's surfies.

That's "people who surf and enjoy the beach lifestyle" for those who aren't down with the lingo. It only makes sense then that the Moke, which shared mechanicals with its Mini namesake, would also be popular with customizers.

From that Great Southern Land, Australia, comes this 1979 Mini Moke that has undergone a pretty thorough customization including "Pure Orange" paintwork, white interior, padded grab bars and 17-inch white mag wheels. All up, it's a pretty sweet looking ride, with a Buy It Now price of AU$15,000 (US$14,784) on eBay.

It's the sort of ride any beach bum would be happy to be seen in. Check out the pics and give us your verdict in the comments section below.

* A "hodaddy" is someone who's into cars and doesn't surf but likes the scene. No really, it's on the internet and everything.

By Tristan Hankins

Link: eBay