New Audi TT GT4 Concept with 340HP comes to Life at DTM Race in Shanghai

When we saw the Ginetta G55 GT4 class racecar, we were impressed. Packing a potent 370HP engine at an affordable price, it's good looking, too, even though for obvious reasons that matters a lot less in the world of motorsports. Now, Audi also wants a piece of the GT4 action. On the occasion of the DTM race in Shanghai, the German automaker presented the concept of a GT4 car based on the TT sports coupe.

The Ingolstadt-based automaker has not yet released full engine specs, but it did note that the GT4 is equipped with a TFSI engine delivering about 340 hp, linked to an a S-tronic transmission with a differential lock. A modified production suspension with adjustable dampers, plus 9.5 x 18 inch light alloy wheels are also part of the racing package.

The front apron, rear apron and the rear wing are sourced from the production Audi TT RS, while the hood, doors and trunk lid are made of CFRP and the windows of plastic.

Being a racecar, the GT4 also gets a roll-cage, a safety-optimized fuel tank along with a host of other modifications.

The racer will set buyers back for about €120,000 (or US $158,868, at today’s exchange rates) which is a lot more than the Ginetta’s price tag (€88,387 or US $117,016). Even so, Audi says that the TT GT4 is an affordable option for potential customers with the company not only targeting Europe but also the Asian market.